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GIDP Guidelines for Satisfactory Academic Progress

Attainment of a graduate degree in the Arid Lands Resource Sciences GIDP requires outstanding scholarship and demonstration of distinguished research leading to a dissertation that makes a significant contribution to the general fund of knowledge in interdisciplinary science. The degrees are never granted solely as certification of faithful performance of a prescribed program of studies. All degree requirements must be fulfilled. Therefore, the requirements for satisfactory academic progress are outlined below.

First Semester

  • Pass Qualifying Examination*
  • Provide Graduate Program Office with Proposed Doctoral Plan of Study – within four (4) weeks of passing the qualifying examination.

*If qualifying examination is failed on first attempt it must be retaken and passed within six (6) calendar months.

End of First Year

  • Identify Research Area(s) of Interest
  • Select Major Advisor - Notify ALRS Program Coordinator
  • Select Minor Field and Minor Advisor – Notify ALRS Program Coordinator

End of Second Year

  • Finalize Compilation of Entire Advisory Committee
  • Complete Core Coursework

End of Third Year

  • Complete Any “Elective” Coursework
  • Provide Documentation of Having Satisfied Language Requirement
  • Submit Final - Approved Doctoral Plan of Study
  • Pass Written and Oral Comprehensive Examinations
    • The Oral Examination should be scheduled a minimum of one (1) month and a maximum of four (4) months after successful completion of all written exams.
  • File Application to Candidacy
  • Complete Dissertation Proposal and Acquire Approval from Entire Committee

Fourth/Fifth Year

  • Complete Dissertation Research
  • Write Dissertation
  • Pass Dissertation Defense
  • Submission of final copies of the dissertation and all required paperwork must be submitted to Graduate College Degree Certification within twelve (12) calendar months of defense date.

Annual Requirements

  • Submit ALRS Student Annual Progress Report – March 15th
  • Advisory Committee Meeting

Academic Requirements

  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 must be maintained at all times
  • Minimum Grade in Core Coursework – B

In conclusion, the Arid Lands Resource Sciences Graduate Interdisciplinary Program stresses the importance of professional conduct and ethics. Students are to conduct their research in an ethical manner; fraud related to the creation of false data or the unethical theft of others’ work will not be tolerated by the Program. Students should keep their data in a format acceptable to the research advisor and standard research oversight. To ensure the successful future of the ALRS program, students are expected to complete the required and elective coursework and ultimate degree requirements as outlined in this document.

Request for exception(s) to these policies may be submitted in writing to the ALRS Program Coordinator for review by the Program Chair and/or Executive Committee.

Last updated 17 May 2011