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Omar Youssef's Recent Presentations

Omar Youssef’s Presentations  

Omar Youssef current ALRS Ph.D. student has been busy presenting his research work on water and algae as well as designing tools to improve environments and sustainable lifestyles.

Please read more about Omar’s 2 latest presentations below:

  • Picture on the left:

Conference of the Arizona section of the American Water Works Association.  The conference was held at the Renaissance Glendale Hotel, Glendale, AZ, May 6 -8, 2015.

And this is a summary of this presentation:

“Energy and water are two harmonious pillars that form human civilizations.  The author proposed a design for the Engineering Innovation Building (EIB) at the University of Arizona, USA, by incorporating an algae wall to the southeast façade; the algae panels were adopted to foster the development of renewable energy’s research, supporting the reuse of gray water and performing as an adaptive shading double skin.  The algae panel predominantly is contingent on the flow of water, which EIB suggested the usage of gray water to act as a source to provide the algae panels with nutrients and CO2.”

  • Picture on the Right

Taken at the Conference Name: American Institute of Architects International convention and Expo, May 14-16, 2015, Atlanta Georgia.

This conference was attended by  20,000 architects, professionals, professors, and students. 

Omar presented a topic about Adapting spatial experiments to Human Perceptions to optimize for health and wellbeing.

Comments by audience "we are impressed by the depth of work, and details in approaching wellbeing focused on workplaces and employees productivity, this "

Co-presenters: Dr. Esther Sternberg | Director, Institute on Place and Wellbeing

                         Dr. Mariana Figueiro | Director, Lighting Research Center

According to Dr. Sternberg "these sessions gave the Institute on Place and Wellbeing a high profile at AIA and amongst design professionals, and clearly positioned us as leaders in technology and rigorous analysis of the impact of the built environment on health and wellbeing at all scales"

Here is a summary of what he presented:

Designing for Wellbeing: Emerging Monitoring Technologies: Focus on Light.

Aiming improvement in environmental health and sustainable lifestyles, we are proposing a new approach to redefine the benchmark of light intensities in health care facilities. An innovative design tool will allow architects to predict and balance occupants’ comfort light intensities. We are expecting the tool to contribute to reducing the disproportionate health burdens on patients. It will also build community resilience health care facilities for the future.






Last updated 27 Oct 2015