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Nelson Cronyn, ALRS-GIDP Doctoral Candidate is Moving Up!

Submitted on September 26, 2011

Through the years the GIDP ALRS phd program has seen a number of its graduates successfully make their mark in their chosen fields of research. We are equally proud of the achievements of our current students, and  Nelson Cronyn in particular is one of those students who has been juggling dissertation research along with his most recent appointment as Director of Agriculture, Department of Compact Operations, Millenenium Challenge Corporation, USA. 

"The Millenium Challenge Corporation (MCC) is an innovative and independent U.S. foreign aid agency that is helping the fight against global poverty.  Created by the US Congress in January 2004 with strong bipartisan support, MCC is changing the conversation on how to best deliver smart U.S. foreign assistance by focusing on good policies, country ownership, and results."  MCC offices are located in Washington, DC.  Read and learn more about MCC.

Nelson is also  a member of the 2011 Board of Directors of the Southwest Conservation Corporation (SCC).  The SCC engages and trains a diverse group of young women and men and completes conservation projects for the public benefit.