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Mayorga -Father and Son Abstracts

Author: Mayorga, Ruben Dario

Graduated: 1989

Dissertation Title:        Price relationships and market integration: A northeast of Brazil case study.


The Granger causality test was used to explore the price interdependence in the wholesale tomato markets of Fortaleza, Teresina and Sao Luis in the Northeast of Brazil. Following the results of this study, the conclusion is reached that, in general terms, the prices in these markets are established efficiently implying a competitive environment in the Northeast tomato markets. Fortaleza operates as a leading market "driving" the prices of the Teresina and Sao Luis secondary markets.


Author: de Oliveira Mayorga, Fernando Daniel

Graduated: Fall 2015

Dissertation Title:  Growth, Equity, and Sustainability: A Case Study of the Impacts of Green Revolution Change in Ceará, Northeast Brazil


The objective of this dissertation is to understand the impacts of the Green Revolution on well-being, poverty and on the natural environment within a case study of Guaraciaba do Norte, a small município on a highland plateau surrounded by the semi-arid caatinga in Northeast Brazil. The Green Revolution technology was introduced in the early 1970's and has since transformed the município of Guaraciaba do Norte. Through the analysis of empirical data three different categories of stakeholders were identified and compared, the traditional rainfed producers located in the carrasco (semi-arid region) and zona húmida (humid zone of the plateau) and the Green Revolution producers called irrigators, located along the rivers. With respects to well-being, the research shows that the Green Revolution had a significant and positive affect on economic growth and development, reducing inequality and poverty levels in the município, as well as having significant multiplier effect on the non-agricultural sector, which is highly dependent on the vegetable production activates. Despite this, there are concerns of increased levels of vulnerability and its role in restricting access of new producers in adopting this technology. The abusive use of pesticides in the initial stages and improper disposal of packaging created environmental issues however, these have been resolved over time. Additionally, climate change effects have led to concerns related to the reduced water availability and consequently the future of agricultural activity in the region.


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