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Former and Current ALRS Students Publish Paper with the ARCC

ALRS graduate and now lecturer at the College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture, Dr. Sandra Bernal, and current ALRS student, Ivan Gaxiola Camacho, teamed up with Dr. Joaquin Murrieta from the Watershed Management Group to research and eventually co-author a significant paper titled "Intentional and Unintentional Performance: Analyzing the Validity and Agency of Ancient Environmental Design on Contemporary Architecture Advancement." Together, they presented at this year's Architectural Research Centers Consortium (ACCR), hosted by CAPLA.

"If there is any doubt about the connection between ancient architecture and environmental design for arid lands, this paper may clarify - more or less - our perspective. It is working progress in the difficult mission to validate the role of culture and history in the development of the built environment facing the inevitable climate crisis," remarked Dr. Bernal. "We are committed to keep researching this field and find more and better methods to contribute to interdisciplinary research."

Under the description of the paper: "Looking forward to incorporating interdisciplinary knowledge to find holistic design approaches that can help reach a more adaptive built environment, this research involved documented observations of architectural and urban sites, and a sample study in Tucson, Arizona. The goal was to critically identify and re-interpret intentional and unintentional design elements of ancient and contemporary sustainable lifestyles to increase urban resilience."

Those interested can read their paper here.

Last updated 25 Aug 2021