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Rodolfo Peon in the news! Rodolfo is the October 12 speaker in the UA Science Café Series
Call for Applications to the Arid Lands Resource Sciences PhD Program Graduate Research Assistantships are available for qualified students…
They're now ALRS Doctoral candidates Saleh Ahmed, Ladd Keith, Rodolfo Peon, and Elia Tapia are the most recent ALRS PhD Candidates
Members of the ALRS Faculty in the news- Sharon Megdal talked on Water Issues; Kacey Ernst has a public engagement fellowship; Christopher Scott is Director-Udall Ctr.
Conserving the habitat for endangered jaguars... Aaron Lien’s Dissertation is a case study on how Payments for ecosystem services motivate conservation by private landowners
Adriana and America in the News! ALRS graduates: Adriana Zuniga Teran and America N. Lutz Ley continue to amaze us with their research projects
At the Spring 2017 Borderlands Brewing Co. Science Café Series: The Climate Clock Saleh Ahmed talks on “Climate Stresses in Coastal Bangladesh
Collecting heat for household applications Rodolfo Peon's research earned him one of the Carson Scholar Awards for 2017
America Lutz's Final Oral Defense America Nallely Lutz Ley presented her oral dissertation thesis November 21st, 2016
Ladd Keith is a 2016 winner- Ladd Keith, Director, Academic Initiatives (CAPLA) and ALRS PhD Student is one of the 2016 winners of 40 Under 40...
She is now a Professor at the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Eduction Viviana Barquero is a Summer 2016 ALRS Graduate
They are the winners of the 2016 ALRS 3-Minute Research Talk Challenge Saleh Ahmed, America Lutz Ley, Elia Tapia, and Yulia Peralta had the best presentations at the ALRS Fall 2016 Retreat
Arizona Desert Scene? No, this is the Peruvian Desert, ALRS Alumna Adriana Zuniga photographed this scene when she travelled to South America...
Ladd Keith Secures CLIMAS Research Funding Ladd Keith is a 3rd year ALRS PhD Student and Director of the Academic Initiatives and Student at the CAPLA
She's going to Washington, DC Kelly Mott Lacroix, ALRS Alumna, has been awarded a Presidential Management Fellowship...
From the river banks of Bangladesh to Budapest, Hungary Saleh Ahmed, ALRS student spent his summer, doing research in Bangladesh and attending a summer course in Hungary
Her life works’ passion – to feed the hungry and empower United Nations refugees Barbara Eiswerth, ALRS alumna founded Iskashitaa Refugee Network...
Mentor and Student are conference attendees Professor Chalfoun and Omar Youssef, ALRS Ph.D. Student are presenting their latest education curriculum
Father and Son Chose the same Ph.D. Path Ruben Dario Mayorga Mera and Fernando Mayorga both graduated from the ALRS Ph.D. program…
Call for Applications to the ALRS Ph.D. Program Learn More
Rachel Murray Garners a UA 2016-2017 University Fellows Award Rachel Murray is an incoming Fall 2016 ALRS student
Omar Youssef, ALRS Ph.D. Student aims on creating healthier and better communities Omar leads dynamic group of graduate students piloting an initiative to bring sustainability education and technology awareness
America Luz Ley, ALRS Ph.D. Student was in Paris, France for the conference in climate change America and Miriam Gay-Antaki (UA Geography Ph.D. student) attended the 21st Conference of the Parties
Joy Liu is a 2016 CLIMAS Climate and Society Graduate Fellow Project Title: Dryland conservation in China: local incentives drive collaborative action on regional climate adaptation.
Saleh Ahmed wins 2 student awards Saleh is a 2016 Carson Scholar as well as a CLIMAS Climate and Society Graduate Fellow
Student Dissertation - Samuel Chambers, ALRS Graduate 2015 Learn More
Agave- more than just a large succulent... A story of the ALRS 2016 Spring Field Trip
The End of Desertification - Stefanie Herrmann, ALRS graduate, contributed a chapter in this book
Celebrate ALRS Student Achievements Learn More
Omar Youssef's Presentations Learn More
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