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ALRS Alum & Now Faculty Publishes in Biggest Journal in Sciences

Submitted on November 3, 2021

ALRS alum and now faculty at the School of Natural Resources & Environment at the University of Arizona published an article in Nature along with Dr. Aaron Lien and Dr. Dave Breshears. Their research link fire-impacted areas to range impacts on biodiversity, and then normalizing by drought, link to policies of increased and decreased regulation.  The abstract concludes "These results highlight the critical role of policy enforcement in the preservation of biodiversity in the Amazon." The article so far has been covered in the media by eight sources from five countries. To read this article, click the More Information link below. You can also find related commentary on this research here.

Dr. Soto’s research centers on the modeling of coupled natural-human systems at different spatial and temporal scales—for both fundamental insight and practical real-world applications. His current focus involves the use of non-market valuation and survey-based methodologies to examine ecosystem services, which are embedded in complex, social-ecological systems. He collaborates with natural scientists, along with local, state, and federal land managers to investigate issues related to wildlife, climate change, forest water yield, carbon sequestration, and invasive species.