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Recent Dissertation Defenses

Submitted on February 2, 2016
Fernando -Sam-Adriana and Kelly


  • Fernando De Oliveira Mayorga
    December 10, 2015
    Title of Dissertation: “Growth, Equity, and Sustainability: A Case study of the Impacts of Green Revolution Change in Ceara, Northeast, Brazil”
  • Samuel Chambers
    May 13, 2015
    Title of Dissertation: "Corridors and Elk Migration: A Comparative Analysis of Landscape Connectivity Models and GPS Data in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem"

  •  Adriana Zuniga Teran
    April 18, 2015
    Title of Dissertation: "From neighborhoods to wellbeing and conservation: Enhancing the use of greenspace through walkability "
  • Kelly Mott LaCroix
    December 12, 2014
    Title of Dissertation: "Advancing Water Management Through Methods to AssessEnvironmental Flow Needs and Improve Stakeholder Engagement