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ALRS Classes

ARL 564 -- The Arid and Semi-arid Lands
Past, present and future of settlement and resource utilization in the world's arid lands; spatial interrelationships of environmental, demographic, socioeconomic and political systems

ARL 565 -- Physical Aspects of Arid Lands  (3 units)
Graduate-level requirements include the completion of an oral presentation of an original research paper on an approved topic.

ARL 595A -- Current Research  (1 unit)
The exchange of scholarly information and/or secondary research, usually in a small group setting. Instruction often includes lectures by several different persons. Research projects may or may not be required of course registrants.

ARL 641 -- Natural and Human Impacts on Arid Lands  (3 units)
The influence of nature and humans on arid lands sustainability and the role of locally-adaptable technologies. Various aspects of measuring, monitoring and describing natural and human impacts on arid lands. Focuses on occurrences such as El Nino, population growth, and utilization of limited resources in relation to their economic and environmental significance.

ARL 642 -- Use and Management of Arid Lands  (3 units)
Major issues surrounding land uses in the world's arid and semi-arid zones. Examination of issues which will determine the future of land management in much of the arid and semi-arid lands of the western United States. The debate over the management of lands in relation to ownership, tenure, and access; intergenerational transfers, and the economic, environmental, and social consequences of proposed changes in current arrangements.

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