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ALRS alumnus and Now ALRS Faculty a Lead Author on a Nature Publication

ALRS alumnus and now ALRS faculty and incoming Executive Committee member of the ALRS program, Ladd Keith, is a lead author on a Nature publication, titled "Deploy heat officersm policies, and metrics." 

In a Comment piece published in this week’s issue of Nature, researchers Ladd Keith of the University of Arizona, Sara Meerow and Dave Hondula of Arizona State University, V. Kelly Turner of the University of California, Los Angeles and James C. Arnott of the Aspen Global Change Institute propose a set of practical guiding principles for researchers and government, nonprofit and private sector decision-makers to take real action in the face of this multifaceted threat.

Due to the rising levels of heat over the summer across western side of the United States, many towns offer cooling centers, where people can visit to temporarily cool off from the temperatures outside. This came in response to thousands of people going to the emergency departments for heat exhaustion and heat stroke. July 2021 was the hottest month ever recorded globally across the world; Sicily reportedly hit 48.8 Celsius.

“There is growing interest around the world in addressing the growing threat of extreme heat,” Keith says. “Cities and nations are further behind in addressing heat than for other climate risks such as flooding and wildfire, so we hope this piece helps advance heat governance in both research and practice.”

To read more on the issue and planning of mitigating such heat vulnerability and heat governance, please click on the link to the article here:

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Last updated 26 Oct 2021