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ALRS Affiliated Faculty

Angel, J Roger P

Regents' Professor of Astronomy
Regents' Professor of Optical Sciences
Director of the Steward Observatory Mirror Laboratory
Adaptive optics, instrumentation, extrasolar planets, telescope desing and optical fabrication, geoengineering and concentrating photovoltaic solar energy.

Archer, Steven R.

Professor, School of Natural Resources & the Environment

Plant ecology and ecosystem sciences. Interdisciplinary research on dry-land plant community dynamics and succession, with an emphasis on grass-woody plant interactions in relation to soils, climate, disturbance, and land use.

Austin, Diane

Professor and Director, School of Anthropology, Research Anthropologist (BARA)

Long-term, multi-sectoral partnerships with governmental, non-governmental, academic, and business organizations, with emphasis on the development of community-based participatory research approaches.

Bakkensen, Laura

Assistant Professor, School of Government & Public Policy

Economics of natural disasters, identifying current risks and evidence of adaptation to damages and fatalities across the globe. She also evaluates individual, community, and policy responses to natural disasters including hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods. Her research informs public policy on insurance regulation, disaster aid, severe weather warnings, and public adaptation. .

Baro, Mamadou A.

Associate Professor, Anthropology, Associate Research Anthropologist (BARA)

Participatory Development, Household Livelihood Security, Applied Anthropology, Land Tenure, Gender and International Development with special focus on Africa and the Caribbean, and Research Methodology.

Barron-Gafford, Greg

Associate Professor, Biogeography and Ecosystem Science, School of Geography & Development and Biosphere 2

Leaf, soil, and ecosystem scale fluxes of carbon and water in response to vegetative and climatic change.

Bauer, Carl J.

Professor, School of Geography & Development

Comparative and international water law and policy in diffrent contexts of Chilte, Estern U.S., Spain , and Mexico.

Bogan, Michael

Assistant Professor of Aquatic Ecology, School of Natural Resources and the Environment
Arid Lands, Conservation Biology, Invasive Species

Buizer, James

Professor, School of Natural Resources and the Environment

Climate Adaptation and Sustainability, Global Change Management

Chalfoun, Nader V.

Professor, Architecture and Environmental Sciences, College of Architecture, Planning & Landscape Architecture

Energy conservation, passive solar architecture, outdoor environmental comfort, green building materials, and sustainable architecture.

Chief, Karletta

Assistant Professor, American Indian Studies and Assistant Specialist in the department of Soil, Water, Water and Environmental Sciences

Soil, Water and Enviromental Science - Extension; Assistant Specialist, Soil/Water and Environmental Science; Improving our understanding, tools, and predictions of watershed hydrology, unsaturated flow in arid environments, and how natural and human disturbances affect soil hydrology through the use of physically based methods.

Colby, Bonnie G.

Professor, Agricultural & Resource Economics

Resource economics, impacts of climate change on resource utilization and value of natural areas, hydrology and water resources.

Comrie, Andrew C.

Professor, Geography & Development

Climatology, air pollution, environmental issues.

Creasman, Pearce Paul

Curator, and Associate Professor of Anthropology and Dendrochronology, The Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research

The study of human and environmental interactions, maritime archaelogy, dendroarhaeceology, and Egyptian archaelogy.

Crimmins, Michael

Associate Professor and Associate Extension Specialist, Soil, Water & Environmental Science

Increasing climate science literacy and developing strategies to adapt to a changing climate. Implementation of drought preparedness and impact monitoring plans.

Cuello, Joel

Professor, Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering

Applying engineering to put biological systems to work. Bioreactor design & secondary metabolite production.

Ernst, Kacey C.

Associate Professor, Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Mel & Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health

Examining the links between environment and environmental change and infectious disease transmission; particularly vector-borne diseases.

Evans, Tom P

Professor, School of Geography & Development

Focuses primarily on agricultural decision-making, food security and environmental governance but have had past projects related to deforestation/reforestation, urban ecosystems, community resilience. 

Ferguson, Daniel B.

Associate Research Scientist, Institute of the Environment, Associate Research  Professor, Natural Resources and the Environment

Climate and adaptation; Governance, Law, and POlic; Science Engagement

Finan, Timothy J.

Applied Anthropologist, Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology

Applied anthropology, cultural and societal impacts of climate vulnerability, famine vulnerability and early warning.

Fisher, Larry F.

Research Professor, School of Natural Resources and the Environment

My research interests focus on environmental conflict and mediation, large landscape conservation, climate change adaptation, public lands policy, and international conservation and sustainable development, working primarily in the SW and SE Asia.

Franklin, Edward

Associate Professor, Agriculture Education

Principles and Practices of Agricultural Mechanization, Turf and Landscape Technology, Applications in Agricultural Mechanics, Operations in Agricultural Mechanics, and Instructional Materials Development

Gallery, Rachel

Associate Professor, School of Natural Resources & the Environment

Conservation biology, genetics and molecular ecology; plant and soil ecology; population and community ecology.

Garfin, Gregg

Associate Professor and Associate Extension Specialist, School of Natural Resources & the Environment

Research Topics: Climate Adaptation and Sustainability; Global Change Management; and Watershed Management.

Gerlak, Andrea

Associate Professor and Associate Extension Specialist, School of School of Geography & Development

Research Topics: Water governance and policy; Global environmental policy; Transboundary waters; Groundwater management; Resilience, adaptatation, social-ecological ystesms; Western U.S., U.S., Latin America, SE Aisa, Europe.

Gimblett, H. Randy

Professor, School of Natural Resources & the Environment

Spatial dynamic ecosystem modeling; artificial intelligence in natural resource planning; human cognition and environmental perception; landscape simulation; dynamic recreation behavior; distributed multiagent reasoning systems.

Guertin, Phillip D.

Professor, School of Natural Resources & the Environment

Watershed hydrology and management; watershed assessment and planning; nonpoint source pollution; geographic information science and technology

Guido Zackry

Zack Guido is the program manager and research scientist for the University of Arizona’s International Research and Applications Program (IRAP) and research affiliate at the Climate Assessment for the Southwest (CLIMAS).

Quantifying climate impacts on water resources (including glaciers), co-producing end-to-end climate services, and advancing climate risk management through participatory processes.

Gunatilaka, Leslie

Professor, Southwest Center for Natural Products Research & Commercialization, School of Natural Resources & the Environment

Application of natural product chemistry to solve problems of human and animal health and agriculture.

Hirschboeck, Katherine L.

Associate Professor Emerita, Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research  & Member of the Global Change, Graduate Interdisciplinary Program (GIDP)

Climatology, hydrology, climate variability & dendroclimatology.

Holliday, Vance Terrell

Professor, School of Anthropology & Geosciences (Adjunct in Geography)

Geoarchaeology, Paleoindian archaeology, soil-geomorphology, and Quaternary landscape evolution and paleoenvironments.

Hutchinson, Charles F.

Professor Emeritus, Arid Land Studies, School of Natural Resources & the Environment

Geography, remote sensing and arid lands, monitoring techniques for agriculture and natural resources using satellite and aerial video systems.

Hughes, Malcolm

Regents Professor, Dendrochronology, The Laboratory of the Tree-Ring Research

Climatology, modeling, dendrochronology. Specific areas of interest include past climate in Europe, Asia, and the Sierra Nevada, as indicated by tree rings.

Kear, Mark Thomas Fraser

Assistant Professor, School of Geography and Development

Financial Geography, Urban Geography, Ethnography, Urban Poverty, Financial Exclusion, Financial Literacy, Financial Empowerment, Governmentality, Biopolitics, Credit and Debt, Personal/Consumer Finance, Financial Regulation, Payment Systems

Liverman, Diana

Regents Professor, School of Geography and Development and Co-Director, Institute of the Environment

Global change, climate impacts, vulnerability and adaptation, and climate policy and mitigation especially in the developing world.

Livingston, Margaret

Professor, Landscape Architecture
Ecological and environmental issues in arid environments; use of native plants and design of urban wildlife spaces.

Lopez Hoffman, Laura

Associate Professor, School of Natural Resources and the Environment

Conservation biology and policy, transboundary conservation, ecosytem servies.

Marsh, Stuart E.

Associate Director, School of Natural Resources and the Environment, Professor, Arid Lands Resource Sciences Ph.D. Program, and The School of Geography and Development

Land use and land cover change; impacts of climate and anthropogenic change on arid lands; Remote sensing; application of geospatial technologies to environmental studies; Development of decision support systems for natural resource management

McClaran, Mitchel P.

Professor, Range Management , The School of Natural Resources and the Environment

Rangeland plant ecology and management, with particular emphasis on arid grasslands and savannas

Meadow, Alison

Associate Research Scientist, Institute of the Environment and the Center for Climate Adaptatiton Science and Solutions
Environmental ecoogy; her research focuses on the process of linking scientists with stakeholders to co-produce climate science knowledge.

Megdal, Sharon B.

Director, Water Resources Research Center, Professor, of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Director of The University of Arizona Water Sustainability Program

State and regional water resources management and policy with areas of focus including storage and recovery programs, regional approaches to water management, ecosystem restoration, and the role of the private sector in water delivery.

Molnar, Istvan

 Professor and Associate Director, Natural Products Center, Chair, Arid Lands Resource Sciences GIDP, Director of Graduate Studies, Applied Biosciences track in Industrial Microbial Biotechnology, Chair Applied Biosciences  

Biosynthetic engineering, microbial genetics, combinatorial biosynthesis, genomics, biocatalysis, industrial biotechnology, drug discovery, natural products, antibiotics, anticancer agents, biofuels

Moore, David

Associate Professor, School of Natural Resources and the Environment

Climate adaptation and sustatainability; ecohydrology & biogeochemistry; geospatial science & modeling; global change management; plant & soil ecology; and remote sensing.

 Morrissey, Katherine G.

Associate Professor, History

Research on the North American West focusing on the region's environmental, social, cultural, and intellectual history.

Nabhan, Gary

Research Social Scientist, Southwest Center, College of Social & Behavioral Sciences

Desert agro-ecology, agro-biodiversity, seed-saving, water-harvesting, on-farm pollination enhancement or climate-friendly strategies for local food production.

Park, Thomas K.

Associate Professor of Anthropology, Associate Professor (MENAS), Associate Research Anthropologist (BARA)

Urbanization in Africa and the Middle East, complexity theory, economic theory, mathematical methodologies in anthropology and history, the history of credit, flood recession agriculture, the Sahara, the Sahel, North Africa, development, economic history, North African Arabic archives, bureaucracy in Africa and the Middle East, colonialism & imperialism, anthropology of law, Islam, land tenure, 18th to 21st C European philosophy, foragers in arid lands, pastoralism, Pyrrhonic skepticism, political ecology.

Quanrud, David M.

Associate Research Scientist, School of Natural Resources and the Environment

Arid lands; ecohydrology and bigeochemistry; and water resources management.

Ray, Dennis T.

University Distinguished Professor & Faculty Fellow, Plant Sciences, The School of Plant Sciences, Arid Lands Studies

Evaluate new crops and products for cultivation and processing in arid environments.  Read more at:

Scott, Christopher A.

Professor, School of Geography & Development; Research Professor of Water Resources Policy and Director Udall Center

Urban growth and water reuse, human-environment tradeoffs and their water scarcity and quality implications, and the role of land use (both irrigation and urban development) in mitigating water scarcity and water quality impacts in semi-arid regions.

Silvertooth, Jeffrey C.

Associate Dean, Agricultural Extension Administration

Development of crop production management strategies that optimize the soil-plant system agronomically and economically, with full consideration of the short- and long-term impact of inputs environmentally.

Slack, Donald C.

Dean's Chair for Excellence, Cecil Miller Families, Professor, Agriculture & Biosystems Engineering

On farm water management practices; irrigation systems & technologies; watershed hydrology; erosion control; biofuels from Sorghum.

Smith, Steven E.

Associate Professor, School of Natural Resources and the Environment and the Department of Plant Sciences

Cimate adaptation and sustainability; conservation biology; geospatial science & modeling; plant genetics & improvement; evolutionary ecology.

Stoffle, Richard W.

Research Anthropologist, School of Anthropology,  BARA

Cultural anthropology, social impact assessment, developmental anthropology, Native Americans, Caribbean industrial anthropology, fisheries, Ethnobotany; satellite imagery.

Torres, Robert

Professor and Department Head, Agricultural Education

Advances in career and technical education in agriculture.

Tronstad, Russell

Professor and Extension Specialist;Agricultural & Resource Economics

Agricultural marketing, risk management, international trade, and operations research methods. Fruit and vegetable commodities, range livestock, and field crops are a part of his research and extension activities

Trouet, Valerie

Associate Professor of Dendrochronology, Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research

Reconstruction of atmospheric circulation patterns and how they influence fire regimes through the use of tree-rings.

Valdes, Juan B.

Professor of Hydrology and Water Resources

Stochastic and deterministic hydrology, flood forecasting, mathematical models of natural resources systems, modeling of space-time precipitation, environmental risk assessment, and stochastic modeling of environmental processes.

Van Leeuwen, Willem

Professor, School of Natural Resources & the Environment

 Land Surface Phenology; Biogeography; Remote Sensing Science and Applications of Coupled Natural and Human Systems; Geospatial & Temporal Decision Support Systems and Tools for Land and Water management; Assessing Impact of Fire and Drought on Vegetation Response Drylands around the World.

Varady, Robert G.

Research Profesor of Environmental Policy and Immediate Past Director Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy

Environmental policy; environmental history. with an emphasis on transboundary issues, especially along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Washburne, James C.

Research Specialist, Sr., Department of Hydrology & Water Resources

Basin scale hydrology/runoff using remotely sensed data; land surface Parameterization in mesoscale; assimilation of soil moisture into hydrologic models; applying emerging technologies to distributed hydrologic modeling.

Woodhouse, Connie

Professor, School of Geography and Development

Climate and paleoclimate of western North America, with emphasis on drought and water issues; reconstruction of past climate and hydrology using tree rings, analysis of past and current climate variability, and the investigation of circulation features that influence regional climate.

Yetman, David A.

Research Social Scientist, Southwest Studies Center

Ecology and rural development relating to southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico, ethnobotany, border issues.

Yool, Stephen R.

Associate Professor Emeritus, School of Geography & Development

Plant geography and landscape ecology, using remote sensing and geographic information system techniques as tools for inquiry.

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