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ALRS 2014 Student Achievements

Arid Lands Research Sciences GIDP takes pride in the achievemnets of its students who sought opportunities to enhance and financially support their studies.

  Sandra Bernal  is in her 2nd year of studies in ALRS, received $650  for one of  this year’s Dissertation Improvement Grant (DIGs) from the Global Change Minor program.  

Sandra’s proposal focused on the need to identify Indoor Air Quality exposures, the analysis, and elemental knowledge on potential human risks.   With this research focus, she is planning on participating  a 3-day workshop: Indoor Air Quality: Identification of House Dust and Indoor Particles, offered by McCrone Research Institute in Chicago, IL, July 22-24, 2014.

Excerpt from Sandra’s abstract submitted to  “The Macrotheme Conference – Ibiza 2014, May 29th, 2014, Ibiza Town, Spain:

The expected outcomes from a participatory design process are: a responsible distribution of the space, the awareness of health related issues, the  identification of risk, the management of the real adaptation capacities of the household, and the set of future goals for uses, behavior and collaboration. The ideal result will be a sustainable design   that   addresses   people’s   economic   capacity   of maintenance within a healthy environment.


Joy (Yu Rong) Liu  won one of the Confluence Graduate Fellowships* award of $3,972.

*“Confluencenter Graduate Fellowships are intended to advance innovative interdisciplinary and collaborative research in the arts, humanities and social sciences. The fellowships can support either dissertation research or exploratory work, and creative projects not directly related to applicants’ degree requirements.”

Joy’s winning dissertation research is entitled: Policy-driven collective action for sustainable natural resource governance in China’s arid lands.

The research proposed aims to contribute to understanding of the emergent collaborative governance in China based on theories of collaborative natural resource governance (Conley and Moote 2003, Emerson et al. 2011, Ostrom et al. 2007, Margerum 2011, Knight 1992).

This study also aims to understand the practical realities of life in China though examining one aspect of the relation between state and society. This research has the potential to further theory development in collaborative governance, understanding of contemporary China, and provides instructions to future collaboration that involves crossboundary and cross-culture interactions.

Omar Youssef is an incoming ALRS graduate student for Fall 2014.

Omar Youssef is a recent Masters of Science Architecture graduate of the University of Arizona (Spring 2014).  He obtained a Bachelor of Science in Architecture Engineering degree from the Modern Sciences and Arts University, Cairo, Egypt.

This early in his doctoral program Omar has already received 2 awards:

  1. ALRS First Year Graduate Research Associate Award

This award is given to the 2 topmost applicants to the Ph.D. program of ALRS, as decided by the ALRS Executive Committee.  The ALRS EC choice takes into account the applicants: GPA, Letters of References, Long Range Professional Plans upon completion of the program, and most importantly: A Proposed Graduate Program.

This award includes a stipend, paid in-state and out- of –state tuition, health insurance, and discounts to the UA Bookstore.

  1. Harvill Fellowship Award 2014-2015

Omar won on one of the 3 Richard Harvill Fellowship award for 2014-2015. 

The mission of the Richard A. Harvill Endowment is to perpetuate knowledge of Dr. Harvill, who served as UA president from 1951 to 1971, a period in which UA began its furious post-war enrollment growth, and the institution took its place among the leading research universities of the west.

The Fellowship provides an annual stipend of $12,000, disbursed in two equal payments between the fall and spring terms and a Graduate Tuition Scholarship that covers base graduate level tuition (not the differential tuition assessed by some programs) for each semester of award.

America Nallely Lutz Ley and Aaron Lien are recipients of the prestigious Carson Fellowship Awards for 2014-2015 Academic Year

Just what is the Carson Scholars Program?

As described in their website: “The Carson Scholars Program is a one-time-only, $5,000 graduate scholarships. The scholarships are designed to support and retain University of Arizona PhD students whose research is related to the environment and renewable energy and who are interested in communicating science to a broad audience. Their faculty mentors will provide guidance, training, and opportunities to meet with communication professionals to help them hone their skills in effectively explaining their (and others') research.”

America and Aaron will be joining a growing group of distinguished interdisciplinary researchers with strong commitment to the environment and communication. In addition to the incentives and commitments of the one-year program, Carson Scholars benefit from an active network and special events and activities.

Chris Scott, Associate Professor and mentor to America was the very first ALRS faculty to extend his congratulations to the students with the added quip: “…could something with the A L alliteration have helped?” (for both students’ names and of course the programs abbreviation ALRS).

America Nallely Lutz Ley has a Masters in Social Sciences, major in Public Affairs from El Colegio de Sonora, Mexico.  She entered the ALRS Ph.D. program with a LASPAU Fulbright Scholarship award.  She is now in her 2nd year in the program.

Aaron Lein has a Masters in Planning from the University of Arizona and a Graduate Certificate in Water Policy. He is currently a Senior Researcher in the Udall Center and he just finished his first year in the ALRS Ph.D. program.


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